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Buy gold viagra without prescription, “No taxation without representation” was the rallying cry for American colonists in their revolution against British rule. Cheap gold viagra from uk, The principle of fair representation and accountability, based on British ideals, generic gold viagra cheap, Price of gold viagra, shaped the US constitution and is the foundation of democracies worldwide. In the UK, buy gold viagra us, Gold viagra no rx, it continues to shape our evolving political system; the Scotland Act 2012 grants the Scottish Parliament enhanced financial powers and the Silk Commission on Devolution in Wales recommends a “package of powers that would improve the financial accountability of the (Welsh) Assembly”. Among these recommendations are the devolution of Business Rates, order gold viagra without prescription, Gold viagra pharmacy online, Stamp Duty Land Tax, Aggregates Levy, drug gold viagra, Order gold viagra in canada, Landfill Tax and elements of Air Passenger Duty. Moreover, gold viagra in malaysia, Purchase gold viagra without prescription, the report recommends that “the Welsh Government should have responsibility for setting income tax rates in Wales,” with the Welsh Government being able to “vary the basic, free gold viagra, Order no rx gold viagra, higher and additional rates of tax independently.” The practicalities of devolving taxation powers are complex, and it is unlikely that devolving income tax varying powers will be politically possible without a referendum, order gold viagra from canada. However, the agreement reached between the Welsh Government and HM Treasury in October, stating that the Welsh Government will be able to borrow money to finance capital spending if a new source of income via taxation can be found, indicates the direction of thinking at Westminster, buy gold viagra without prescription. Generic gold viagra, Enhancing the accountability of the National Assembly for Wales and the Welsh Government should be welcomed as a key development in Wales’ maturing devolution settlement; however, the benefits of accountability in Wales are undermined if they worsen the democratic deficit which exists elsewhere, gold viagra online without a prescription. Order gold viagra cheap online, The continued right of Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland’s MPs to vote on English-only legislation as it passes through Westminster remains the biggest unsolved anomaly of the devolution project, gold viagra side effects. Gold viagra price, Devolving taxation powers to Scotland and Wales only deepens this accountability deficit. Welsh and Scottish MPs voting on taxes raised in England which are not raised in their own constituencies thanks to powers enjoyed under devolution, order gold viagra no prescription, Gold viagra india, or which are levied at a different rate, will bring a whole new dynamic to the West Lothian Question; taxation without equal representation, compare gold viagra prices online. Buy gold viagra without prescription, In addition to this unfairness, the complexities of resolving this conundrum by changes to parliamentary procedure alone are increased if different taxation powers are devolved to Wales and Scotland. Gold viagra overnight shipping, In this situation, the logic of a devolved English Parliament as part of a fair and equal Union becomes clear, gold viagra tablets. Order gold viagra no prescription required, Set within the context of a fair funding settlement which maintains the security of the United Kingdom as a political, economic and social union, low cost gold viagra, Order gold viagra from us, an English Parliament would allow governments in all four corners of the UK to pursue their own priorities and policies, and raise their own taxes, purchase gold viagra overnight delivery, Certified gold viagra, accountable only to those which they apply to. At the same time it would maintain institutions which preserve universal welfare standards, gold viagra cost, Find no rx gold viagra, our common history, and our standing on the world stage, where to buy gold viagra. Gold viagra for order, In 2014 Scotland faces a historic referendum on independence. Wales’ maturing devolution settlement should be seen as no less significant, and over the next few years the United Kingdom faces its greatest challenge since the Irish Home Rule crisis, buy gold viagra without prescription. A fair settlement for England in this changing union is as important as any other; with 53 million people representing 85% of the UK’s population, find cheap gold viagra online, Buy generic gold viagra, answering the ‘English Question’ is paramount. Unionists at Westminster must accept that unionism must adapt if the Union is to survive, find gold viagra without prescription. Order gold viagra overnight delivery, Otherwise, if accountability in one corner of the UK is enhanced without efforts to resolve the deepening deficit elsewhere, discount gold viagra without prescription, Gold viagra online review, cries of “no taxation without representation” may come to characterise the collapse of the United Kingdom.

Matt Francis is a member of the Campaign for an English Parliament, order discount gold viagra online.

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Buy yagara (herbal viagra) without prescription, The headline rate of inflation has hit a five-month high, driven up by the trebling of university tuition fees in England and rising food bills.

Something the 117 unelected, cost of yagara (herbal viagra), Yagara (herbal viagra) without prescription, unaccountable MPs from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales really wouldn't have cared about when they exercised their 'Right' to vote on England only issues - their constituents are not affected by any of this, low price yagara (herbal viagra). Cheap yagara (herbal viagra) overnight delivery, They have the comfort of their own National Parliament and the benefit of the Barnett formula to bail them out. All courtesy of hard working tax payers in England, cheapest yagara (herbal viagra) prices. Canadian yagara (herbal viagra), This is one of the many grotesque inequalities of democracy and fair play that only affect the people of England.

It is worth noting that David Cameron defended the current devolution deal in saying 'It is working' - but for whom? It is alarming that Mr Cameron has gone on record in the past, yagara (herbal viagra) australia, Order yagara (herbal viagra) without prescription, stating 'There's a lot of Scottish blood in these veins'. Who then, overnight yagara (herbal viagra), Find yagara (herbal viagra), looks out for the interests of England.

Please read the article below:-

Chris Green

CEP Supporter
England, buy yagara (herbal viagra) internet. Yagara (herbal viagra) prices. Yagara (herbal viagra) medication. Cheap yagara (herbal viagra) in usa. Find discount yagara (herbal viagra) online. Yagara (herbal viagra) pill. Low cost yagara (herbal viagra). Cheapest generic yagara (herbal viagra) online. Best price yagara (herbal viagra). Buy yagara (herbal viagra) pills. Buy yagara (herbal viagra) no rx. Generic yagara (herbal viagra) cheap. Buy yagara (herbal viagra) from canada. Buy yagara (herbal viagra) us. Yagara (herbal viagra) free delivery. Yagara (herbal viagra) prescription. Purchase yagara (herbal viagra) no rx. Drug yagara (herbal viagra). Cheapest generic yagara (herbal viagra). Approved yagara (herbal viagra) pharmacy. Cheap yagara (herbal viagra) in uk. Buy yagara (herbal viagra) online. Where to order yagara (herbal viagra). Buying yagara (herbal viagra). Cheap price yagara (herbal viagra). Yagara (herbal viagra) no prescription. Cheap yagara (herbal viagra). Yagara (herbal viagra) purchase. Yagara (herbal viagra) no rx required. Compare yagara (herbal viagra) prices online.

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Buy black cialis without prescription, It seems that not all MPs understand devolution or even care about it, as far as England is concerned that is. Certainly Grahame Morris MP doesn't seem to understand that the UK government is only responsible for English forests, black cialis india. Black cialis sale, His EDM 655 talks about Britain's forests:

'That this House is deeply concerned that the number of cases of the deadly ash tree disease, Chalara fraxinea, black cialis pills, Black cialis from india, is growing, and unchecked poses a deadly serious threat to Britain's eighty million ash trees, black cialis cost, Black cialis approved, which provide 30 per cent of all tree cover; notes that abori-specialists and scientists have been warning Ministers of the disease for some time; understands that if Chalara fraxinea takes hold nationally, its effect on the landscape could be more devastating than the Dutch Elm Disease epidemic in the 1970s; further notes the multi-agency failure over the past two years to contain a major outbreak of Dutch Elm Disease in the East Sussex Dutch Elm Disease Control Area between Brighton and Eastbourne; believes this failure leads to further questions as to the competency of Government Ministers in acting in the best interests of Britain's forests and countryside; further notes that the Government has ignored the Forestry Commission's warnings of inadequate resources to tackle tree disease and has cut funding by 25 per cent forcing seven offices to close and cutting 250 staff; further notes that, order generic black cialis, Price of black cialis, had the Government proceeded with its plans to sell off Britain's forests, the Forestry Commission would have largely ceased to exist; condemns in the strongest possible way the incompetent, black cialis bangkok, Get black cialis, short sighted and shambolic response the Government has demonstrated in the face of a potentially huge national environmental disaster; and demands that Ministers act immediately and deploy all resources required in order to halt the spread of the deadly ash tree disease'.

It questions 'the competency of Government Ministers in acting in the best interests of Britain's forests and countryside' and the consequences 'had the Government proceeded with its plans to sell off Britain's forests', black cialis for sale. Black cialis pharmacy, Selling off Britain's forests Mr Morris. You mean England's forests!

I emailed Mr Morris and he acknowledged that I had a point. So one week later I checked the EDM thinking, buy black cialis online australia, Order black cialis in us, naively, that it would have been corrected. It still read the same, buy cheap black cialis. No prescription black cialis, So they don't care about England. They can't do, black cialis online without prescription, Buy black cialis on line, can they.


Derek - Campaign member, cheapest black cialis. Black cialis online cheap. Best price for black cialis. Buy black cialis from india. Buy black cialis from us. Black cialis buy. Black cialis discount. Black cialis no online prescription. Buy discount black cialis. Cheap black cialis tablets. Black cialis free sample. Low price black cialis. Purchase black cialis online. Order black cialis no rx. Discount black cialis. Discount black cialis without prescription. Cheap generic black cialis. Generic black cialis. Price of black cialis. Order no rx black cialis. Cheap black cialis on internet. Free black cialis.

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Plea Buy cialis soft tabs without prescription, se read below for the thoughts and feelings of published Welsh historian and author, Deborah Fisher. Cialis soft tabs tablets, The Campaign for an English Parliament has many varied and diverse supporters, critics, cheap cialis soft tabs in usa, Cialis soft tabs cost, opponents and people who are interested in our fortunes for numerous reasons. We are happy to welcome all views and opinions, cialis soft tabs tablet, No prescription cialis soft tabs, in the spirit of open and fair debate, and as acknowledgement that no one view is all encompassing of the issues we strive to highlight and discuss:-

I write, get cialis soft tabs, Buy cheap cialis soft tabs online, not as an existing supporter of the Campaign for an English Parliament, but as a potential supporter.  More significantly for the purposes of this article, buy cialis soft tabs internet, Cialis soft tabs malaysia, I write as a Welsh person.  I have looked at some of the comments on your website and find that, whilst many of them reflect the outdated views traditionally associated with parochialism, buy generic cialis soft tabs, Cialis soft tabs sale, others recognise the importance of working together with the other nations of the United Kingdom – for at least as long as it lasts.

Without wanting to offend anyone (I can assure you I have nothing against English people individually - I'm married to one), cialis soft tabs online without a prescription, Purchase cialis soft tabs, I think it can sometimes be difficult to understand the views of minority interests if you are not part of that minority.  I don't want to exaggerate, but it's in some ways a little like white people trying to understand the feelings of black South Africans (or indeed black British people).  If you examine many British people’s aversion to the “bigger and better” USA, buy cialis soft tabs no prescription required, Cialis soft tabs from india, however, you may recognise some parallels, approved cialis soft tabs pharmacy. Purchase cialis soft tabs overnight delivery, There is a well of resentment that has built up over literally centuries against the English.  When English people take me to task over the very existence of a Welsh Assembly - as they often do - they are looking at things from a completely different standpoint from mine.  Not only do they take devolution as a personal affront, but many seem to feel that they in some way need to beat their breasts and apologise for the wrongs they know have been done in the past, buying cialis soft tabs, Buy cialis soft tabs from india, in order to persuade us to "stay in the UK", which, cialis soft tabs in bangkok, Buy discount cialis soft tabs online, perhaps without even realising it, they see as the remnant of England's empire.  The widespread supposition that the main reason for the loss of that empire is that “other countries hate us” misses the point, cialis soft tabs bangkok.

The Welsh, as a result of voting for devolution, have been forced to take responsibility for many things that used to be blamed on "the English" in general, and this can only be a good thing.  I do not think many Welsh people would want to go back to the way things were, because they simply don't trust a Westminster government to redress the wrongs of the past.  So I was rather disappointed by the response I received when I e-mailed my Labour AM about the issue of an English Parliament, and specifically by her apparent need for an assurance that “any devolution of power to England did not adversely affect Wales”.  I don't think this view is typical, and yet I see that her preference for regionalisation rather than independence reflects a majority wish on the part of the Welsh to remain part of the UK rather than to be completely separated from the English, buy cialis soft tabs without prescription. Cheap cialis soft tabs overnight delivery, In my books on Welsh history I have tried to dispel some of our misapprehensions about the past.  Yes, King Edward I was a nasty piece of work, find cialis soft tabs without prescription, Buy cialis soft tabs, but his motives in annexing Wales were not entirely reprehensible.  But what the average Welsh person sees is 800 years of "oppression" (I'm not joking).  Giving them back a measure of self-government has made them realise they can't go on blaming the English for every misfortune.  By contrast, what unfortunately lingers in some parts of English society is a tendency to assume that what applies in England applies everywhere else in the UK.  Hence I have several English friends who are incapable of pronouncing the words "Britain" and "British".  I was on holiday in Europe recently, cialis soft tabs in us, Buy cialis soft tabs lowest price, and it was an embarrassment to me that the local guides knew the difference between England and the UK, but our own tour leader didn't, order cialis soft tabs in us, Cialis soft tabs pill, and constantly used the word "England" when she meant the UK.  The more I commented on this, the more she did it, cialis soft tabs buy, Cialis soft tabs online stores, because she simply couldn't see the problem - she felt I was being petty, and perhaps you will think the same.  I'm not defending those Scottish or Welsh people who retaliate by doing the same thing in reverse, cialis soft tabs uk, Order discount cialis soft tabs, but I have the advantage of understanding why they do so.  It may well be true that there are individuals in government who recognise an opportunity to "get their own back" on the English; but such a response is simply childish.

However, cialis soft tabs online cheap, Cialis soft tabs approved, the Scots do differ from the Welsh in that the history of their country is far more distinct from the history of England.  In the early 2000s, the BBC showed "Scotland: a History", cheap cialis soft tabs pill, Buy cheapest cialis soft tabs, presented by Fiona Watson.  It was assumed that viewers in the rest of the UK would not be interested in this, so it was not broadcast south of the border.  Yet at the same time programmes on English history, discount cialis soft tabs overnight delivery, Buy cialis soft tabs us, presented by such as Simon Schama and David Starkey, were assumed to be of interest in Scotland and Wales, buy cialis soft tabs once daily. A few years later, along comes Neil Oliver with a dumbed-down version of Scotland's history, and this time it is shown everywhere, because the call for Scottish independence has started to make the English wonder where they have been going wrong - and about time too.

Dr Gerald Morgan's frequently-stated argument about the need for an English national anthem is all the more relevant when you consider that "Flower of Scotland" is a specifically anti-English song which grew hugely in popularity because it reflected public opinion at a period when anti-English feeling in Scotland was at its height, thanks largely to Margaret Thatcher.  I would be rather ashamed if "Hen Wlad fy Nhadau" echoed these sentiments, but luckily it is pro-Welsh rather than anti anyone else.  England ought to be looking for something similar in the way of an anthem, I believe, not one that talks about "ruling the waves", becoming "mightier yet" or "sending her victorious".

Active campaigners for an English Parliament may or may not believe these comments to be relevant, but I believe it is necessary to see the UK, and its constituent parts, in a historical and cultural context when you are planning your campaign.  Rubbishing the other countries of the UK will not help, and the mistaken belief that the Scots and Welsh want to stop you having your own Parliament could be a serious obstacle to progress.  You cannot expect empathy from the Scots or Welsh, but you should be able to obtain their support as long as you approach the problem with sensitivity and, equally importantly, as long as it is what the people of your country really want.

Deborah Fisher.

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Buy female cialis without prescription, The People of England will certainly be mightily relieved that Scotland finally have their Referendum and on terms they agree to. Female cialis buy, Like a petulant child that has nagged incessantly to have its own way, England will be pleased to see an end to the tantrums from north of the border, order female cialis cheap online. Order cheap female cialis online, It is worth noting that the manipulation of 16 year olds, (who pay no taxes and have no experience of the potential financial consequences of breaking ties with England) is not of any real interest to Alex Salmond, find female cialis on internet, Buy female cialis in canada, other than the extra critical votes he can garner, the SNP having worked hard to brainwash the youth of Scotland to believe they are somehow “hard done by” in being a part of the Union, discount female cialis overnight delivery. Buy generic female cialis online, The truth of course is quite the reverse, as any Scottish non tuition fee paying student will attest, female cialis overnight shipping. Buy female cialis in us, Of course anyone who doesn’t pay tax because they are too young to work should not have a vote, they haven’t earned the right to vote, buy female cialis us, Female cialis without a prescription, but that logic is always lost on politicians desperate for votes however tenuous and however diminished their support.

Should the vote to leave the Union triumph, the Scots may find a very different England on the other side of Gretna Green and if ever the old adage “be careful what you wish for” rings true this could well be one of them, buy female cialis without prescription.

The English have looked on with bemusement at the posturing and soap boxing of the SNP, cheap female cialis pill, Female cialis cheap price, who, let’s face it have had full political reins since their election to work any economic miracles they want, drug female cialis online purchase, Female cialis us, with little interference from Westminster - so far it has been business as usual which is more a commentary on the SNP than on the Union.

If anything, lowest price female cialis, Pharmacy female cialis, the influence of Scotland within the Union has been magnified since devolution, as Scottish elected politicians now have a full say in the Scottish Parliament (with no say on devolved matters from English elected MPs), female cialis in australia, Female cialis non prescription, and then have a second say in the Westminster Parliament where they can influence English only matters (and regularly do) - if they think there is financial advantage to Scotland in so doing.

The English understand fully that the SNP’s stance is one of using the taxpayers of England and the dysfunctional devolution settlement, buy no rx female cialis, Sale female cialis, to cover up appalling political financial mismanagement and poor regulation. The devastating financial debacle of RBS and the Bank of Scotland would have been total to Scotland had it stood alone and not had the funds of the long suffering English Taxpayer to Bail it out, cheap female cialis on internet. Buy female cialis without prescription, Scotland without England would be looking at a bankrupted financial sector and austerity policies to rival that of Greece. Female cialis online without prescription, As a result of England’s financial strength, (and taxpayer losses) this fate it has managed to avoid for which England has received neither recognition nor gratitude, generic female cialis online. Cheapest generic female cialis online, England is waking up to the pretty cynical truth, that the SNP (as opposed to the great bulk of the Scots) have only ever seen England as a cash cow, low cost female cialis, Buy female cialis low price, who should give “uncomplainingly” to a profligate political elite whose only real objective is personal glory and to right an imaginary wrong that occurred when England last saved Scotland from the financial calamity of the Darien Disaster which forced the Act of Union in 1707.

Scottish Tory politician Ruth Davidson, free female cialis, Order female cialis no prescription, at a recent talk in Birmingham, asserted that Scotland has 50% of its employment provided by the British State, get female cialis. Female cialis without rx, This shocking revelation may or may not be totally accurate, however, cheap female cialis tablet, Buy female cialis from india, what is clear, is that Scotland sucks in a huge amount of taxpayer cash to keep its socialist policies operational, order female cialis overnight delivery. Continual bleats from the SNP about oil revenues and oil field ownership, ring hollow to the English Taxpayer, who have given to Scotland vast amounts of cash to pay off any number of commercial disasters and keep Scottish employment artificially high, thus disguising the fact that Scotland would be considerably worse off had it not been for the English safety blanket it has enjoyed over the decades, buy female cialis without prescription. Female cialis alternative, The SNP regularly sneers at the advantages to Scotland paid for by England of the EU; UN; NATO; and any number of clubs Scotland is a member of courtesy of the English Taxpayer.

England has had very little to say on the Independence of Scotland, buy female cialis pills, Buy female cialis from canada, thanks largely to politicians who have excluded the English people from any consultations - a clear breach of England’s democratic rights. Scotland is not the only nation in the Union, female cialis cheap, Buy female cialis no prescription required, but to listen to the BBC and UK politicians you might be forgiven for thinking so.

What we do know is that England will not want to share the pound with Scotland should it leave the Union, female cialis medicine. It is also very likely that England will also want to move the jobs it has put into Scotland back to England to support weaker economic areas within England. Also with an economic rival on the English doorstep in the guise of Scotland, no longer a partner and compatriot within a Unified Union, English support, co-operation and even tourism could well suffer in ways the SNP have not even considered and whether the English will even want to share tea and scones with Scotland in the way the SNP imagine is a very moot point.

England does not bear Scotland any ill will, it simply wants the perplexing soap opera of calls for independence to cease, either way the English are largely indifferent, but once the decision is made the people of England will make their views clear and if the SNP loses the vote there will be an expectation that this subject is closes for another 300 years.

Paul Martin, Academic Researcher.

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Guest Post: Ross Finnie's submission to Sir Menzies Campbell's Home and Community Rule Commission

Buy celexa without prescription, Ross Finnie was Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP to the West of Scotland from 1999-2011 and Rural Affairs Minister in the Scottish Cabinet from 1999-2007. He's shared his submission to the Campbell Commission with me. I've put an extract on Liberal Democrat Voice but I thought you might like to see the whole thing in all its glory.


In order to provide some context to my submission I begin by stating my position on Home Rule, what I have understood Home Rule to mean and the policy positions of the Party which I have supported.  I have always supported Home Rule. I have always understood Home Rule to involve a new constitutional settlement giving equal status to England, Scotland, discount celexa no rx, Wales and Northern Ireland and thereafter each nation would promote what each considered to be the most appropriate governance arrangements within a federal state. For Scotland that meant not just the establishment of a Scottish Parliament but the transfer of the maximum amount of legislative, administrative and financial powers consonant with being a nation within a federal state.

Like most Scottish Liberals, I supported the Party’s policy position as set out in Jenny Robinson’s 1976 pamphlet on Home Rule: Scottish Self-Government, buy celexa without prescription. I was one of the overwhelming majority who voted for the motion passed at the 1982 Conference in St Andrews calling for ” … the establishment of a Scottish Parliament, elected by proportional representation, within a Federal United Kingdom … .”  I was Chair of the Scottish Liberal Party when the policy pamphlet Scottish Self-Government was revised and updated by Jenny Robinson and Margo von Romberg prior to the 1983 General Election.

I was also one of many Party members who, long before Donald Dewar coined the phrase that Devolution was not an event but a process, Celexa online without a prescription, believed that establishing a Scottish Parliament, as a priority, was a first step towards bringing about federal Home Rule. With the benefit of hindsight, I think that in our pursuit of a Scottish Parliament, Scottish Liberals and Scottish Liberal Democrats have seriously underplayed the critical advantages of federal Home Rule over Devolution, often deferring to a Devolution proposal and, celexa canada, as a consequence have failed to make the case for federal Home Rule. In support of that contention, I give my take on the recent history of Home Rule/Devolution to illustrate the Party’s apparent reluctance to press the federal Home Rule case.

In 1976 during the Lib-Lab Pact, George Mackie and Russell Johnston were tasked to improve what became the Scotland Act 1978 and they did. There is little if any evidence, Find discount celexa, however, of   a more federal Home Rule settlement ever being considered. Buy celexa without prescription, Likewise, although the Scottish Constitutional Convention’s report of 1995 Scotland’s Parliament, Scotland’s Right formed the blueprint for the excellent Scotland Act 1988, Scottish Liberal Democrat submissions to the Convention, sought to build a consensus which had the unintended effect of playing down their federal Home Rule content. The result was that the Convention’s report effectively accepted the sovereignty of the Westminster Parliament and called for it to “ … move a special Declaration before passing the legislation creating the Scottish Parliament … that the Westminster Parliament will not remove or amend the Scottish Parliament without consulting directly the people of Scotland and the Scottish Parliament itself.”  A reasonable protection, perhaps, but one that would have been unnecessary under a federal Home Rule settlement.

Jim Wallace spotted the Devolution trend away from federal Home Rule when he established the Steel Commission in December 2003 with a remit “to consider [amongst other things] how to move forward to a fully federal structure for the United Kingdom … “  The report of the Steel Commission:Moving to Federalism- A New Settlement for Scotland was adopted as Party policy in 2006 and the 2007 manifesto, under its section on Governance, called for the development of the Steel Commission’s proposals and specifically “a new system of fiscal federalism”, discount celexa online. The Party appeared to be back on a federal Home Rule track. Nicol Stephen’s attempts to move the debate forward on an all party basis, however, got subsumed by the drive of the then leader of the Labour Party, Wendy Alexander to take Devolution further and somehow take the steam out of the SNP. Order discount celexa online, This led to the establishment of the Calman Commission in 2007 with a remit which restricted it to considering improvements to the Scotland Act 1988 thus precluding consideration of anything remotely resembling federal Home Rule.

The Party then proceeded to endorse the interim report of the Calman Commission at the 2009 Scottish Conference and the final report at the Federal Conference the same year with its proposals for substantial improvements to the Devolution settlement. Liberal Democrats in the Coalition Government then introduced the Scotland Bill, currently passing through the Westminster Parliament, incorporating and in many cases improving the Calman recommendations, buy celexa without prescription. In particular, the proposed financial powers for the Scottish Parliament represent the biggest transfer of fiscal powers from Westminster in the history of the UK. Welcome though the transfer of powers is, it is still a transfer to a Parliament that is subsidiary to the (now hybrid) Westminster Parliament. Scotland Bill or no Scotland Bill, Scottish Liberal Democrats are still a very long way from achieving federal Home Rule.

The conclusion I draw from the last thirty six years or so is that unless the Party sets out with a single-minded determination to achieve a federal Home Rule settlement, discount celexa overnight delivery, and is not fobbed off with further variants of Devolution it will continue to make no progress towards achieving that goal. Yet, as I write this submission, leading Scottish Liberal Democrats, Tavish Scott and Jeremy Purvis, Celexa in malaysia, have announced they are to play leading roles in the “Devo-Plus” campaign which whilst it would develop Devolution very much further than Calman or the present Scotland Bill will  still leave the need for federal Home Rule unmet.

The case for the UK

I will not dwell on the case for the UK but given the current independence debate in Scotland I think it is dangerous simply to assume the continuation of the UK. Buy celexa without prescription, Both Steel (P48-50) and Calman (P63-64), particularly Steel, provide a well argued case in favour of the UK which I support. The UK enjoys a very high level of political and social cohesion. It is interesting that the SNP talks increasingly of retaining this important social union.  Underpinning the current social and political union, however, is the fact that despite the diversity of our respective nations we are all part of the UK. It is difficult to see how the same degree of cohesion could be maintained in the long-run if Scotland were to become Independent.

In my opinion, the present level of social cohesion is sustained by the UK’s ability to direct economic resources to where they are most needed and to make common provision for pensions and social security for individuals in most need, buy cheapest celexa online. Given the high degree of economic integration within the UK, I can see no case for separate monetary policy for Scotland: a point apparently ceded by the SNP. In an increasingly interdependent world, the UK punches above its weight and enjoys more influence in the EU, UN and NATO than would an independent Scotland, buy celexa without prescription. A common policy on Foreign Affairs allows the UK to have united armed forces supported by a network of Embassies prosecuting the UK’s foreign policy and promoting UK trade. None of that is compatible with an Independent Scotland

The Steel Commission describes the UK as (P48) “one of the great success stories of the world” but the same Commission and later the Calman Commission pointed to serious flaws in the Devolution settlement including: the absence of an English dimension in a quasi-federal structure; a lack of constitutional equivalence as between the nations of the UK; and funding arrangements for the Devolved Parliament and Assemblies that lack accountability and control. I believe there is a powerful case for the UK but I also believe the present constitutional arrangements are unsustainable in the long-run.

The case for a federal UK

I believe federal Home Rule offers the most logical basis for: modernising the UK’s antiquated and inadequate constitutional arrangements and thereby providing a stable platform for the future of the UK; giving equivalence of status amongst Scotland; England, Purchase celexa online, Wales and Northern Ireland; allowing the respective nations to determine their own governance arrangements in a federal structure; and allowing each nation to have economic and fiscal powers consonant with that federal structure

A new written constitution

 Liberals and Liberal Democrats have consistently argued for the UK having a written constitution. It is not a topic that generates much public interest but in the context of the prospective referendum on independence it should. Buy celexa without prescription, The threat of the UK’s current constitutional arrangements being undone by Scotland voting for Independence is real and, in my opinion, it is in everyone’s interest to consider not only whether our present constitutional arrangements are adequate in general terms but also whether they are adequate to resist the threat of Independence.

Scotland is a Nation: that is not in dispute. In common with many Liberal Democrats I make the same distinction, as was frequently made by Russell Johnston, between the nation as the symbolic community which provides one’s feeling of identity, nationalism as an emotional commitment to a nation becoming a nation state and the nation state as a political formation which rules over a given territory defined by its boundaries. A Nation, tablet celexa, however, should not be subject to another Nation but that is the current position of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland within the UK.As the Steel Commission points out (p45) “Scotland is not afforded the same level of constitutional protection through the Scotland Act as is seen in many federal states… …  It is unusual in that it confers ultimate power to Westminster.” It may be unusual but it is the consequence of our constitutional arrangements and where sovereignty lies.

The Calman Commission, provides a useful summary of the UK’s constitutional conventions (p50):  sovereignty resides in the Queen in Parliament but in practice in the Cabinet comprising Ministers appointed by the Queen and legislation is made by the Queen in Parliament giving rise to the doctrine of Parliamentary sovereignty vesting with the UK Parliament The importance of this doctrine was stressed last year by Lord Hope, Deputy President of the Supreme Court, Find cheap celexa, when addressing the  question of competence of the   Scottish Parliament: (Axa General Insurance and ors v The Lord Advocate and ors para 46) “The United Kingdom Parliament has vested in the Scottish Parliament the authority to make laws that are  within its devolved competence. It is nevertheless a body to which decision making powers have been delegated. And it does not enjoy the sovereignty of the Crown in Parliament that, as Lord Bingham Said … , is the bedrock of the British constitution. Sovereignty remains with the United Kingdom Parliament.”

Although Calman highlights the issue the Commission appears to be satisfied that the use of legislative consent motions (formerly the Sewell Convention) “is the way of reconciling the doctrine of Parliamentary sovereignty.” In my opinion legislative consent motions are a hopelessly inadequate response to a serious flaw in our current arrangements, buy celexa without prescription. It may be that in practice the UK has not legislated in areas of the Scottish Parliament’s competence without recourse to legislative consent motions but the fact remains it is an unsatisfactory and in my opinion unsustainable arrangement. The Scottish Liberal Party policy pamphlet, cheap celexa internetScottish Self Government was more blunt: “Scottish Liberals have never accepted the artificial unionist state which was imposed on Scotland in 1707…”  Our policy “… is for a revised Treaty of Union which would create a new federal relationship between the countries of the United Kingdom.” 

I believe there is an urgent need for there to be a new written constitution that recognises the geographic and cultural diversity of the nations of the United Kingdom As a minimum, (based on Liberal Democrat Policy Paper 40 as developed by the Steel Commission) the constitution should:

(i)            establish the federal institutions of the United Kingdom as being a UK Parliament as the

federal state parliament and the parliaments/assemblies of the respective nations as the national parliaments/assemblies each ranking pari passu one to another;

(ii)           set out the right to self-determination of the peoples of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland;

(iii)          set, the powers and limits of the federal institutions, Canadian celexa, the specific powers reserved to the UK Parliament, the powers that are subject to formal partnership working, the powers of the respective cabinets, judges, courts and the Head of State; and

(iv)         entrench the Human Rights Act and the independence of local government.

I recognise that at least three major political problems are raised by this proposal: the call for a written constitution; the suggestion that there needs to be an English Parliament; and the creation of an asymmetric federal structure. Clearly, it is not our place to frame a new constitution on our own far less is it our place to tell the English how they should be governed but that should not prevent us developing and proposing a federal settlement for the UK, online pharmacy celexa. As Murray Leith says in his chapter in The Little Yellow Book: “Simply put, the lack of a written constitution is a problem that the UK has not addressed, and it is one that the country must consider if it is to survive as a political entity in the 21st Century. “

In practical terms, the “West Lothian Question” and all the English governance issues that are wrapped up in that phrase need to be resolved. Buy celexa without prescription, Calls for more legislative and economic powers for the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly will only exacerbate the problem. The notion that the problem can be resolved by either restricting the voting rights of  Scottish, Get celexa, Welsh or Northern Irish MPs or further reducing their representation at Westminster whilst it remains the Sovereign Parliament is preposterous.

As regards an asymmetric federal structure, this was examined by the Steel Commission and it concluded (P45): “Asymmetric federalism is not unusual, both in terms of the varying size of the component units and variations in the levels of power and responsibility afforded to them. … there is clear evidence that asymmetric systems can work …”

It is imperative that the Commission works with our Liberal Democrat colleagues across the UK on its proposals on federal Home Rule. Our Liberal Democrat colleagues need to be fully engaged in the process and to understand that, in the Independence referendum debate, Liberal Democrats must be seen to campaigning for a constitutional settlement that meets the needs of the nations of Scotland, cheapest celexa, England, Wales and Northern Ireland for the 21st Century and beyond and puts the case for the continuation of the UK beyond doubt.

Internal and external relationships    

Both Steel and Calman report that the workings between the Scottish and UK Governments and between the Scottish and UK Governments and the EU operate satisfactorily. That they operate satisfactorily is, in my experience, entirely down to the hard work and goodwill of certain individuals both ministers and civil servants because the institutional arrangements are profoundly unsatisfactory. I say this as a former Scottish cabinet minister who over eight years attended some thirty meetings of the EU Council of Minister on environment, agriculture and fisheries business and met with UK ministers and ministers from the other devolved administrations on nearly fifty occasions.

The problem arises quite simply because UK ministers are just that, buy celexa without prescription. Buy cheapest celexa, They are appointed by the Queen, must be appointed to the Privy Council, their civil servants serve a UK minister and the policies they prosecute are deemed to be the policies of the UK Government. That is quite proper for policy areas that are reserved but for Justice, health, sport, education, order celexa from us, culture, enterprise, transport, housing, local government, Sale celexa, environment agriculture forestry and fisheries it is not. When I was at meetings at Westminster, unsurprisingly the UK minister assumed his/her policy position was the UK position and the papers presented in support of a position were prepared by that minister’s civil servants who made the same erroneous assumptions.

This position was only exacerbated in the run-up to a meeting of the EU Council of Ministers where trying to impress upon the UK minister the need to agree a UK line was initially not helped by the UK Representation in Europe (“UKRep”) instinctively supporting the line presented by the UK minister. In order to try and overcome this problem a system (initiated by my department) was put in place whereby: the civil servants of all administrations met and prepared papers on matters under discussion at the EU Council, ministers from the UK and devolved administrations then met to agree the UK line and the UK minister then delivered that line with ministers from the devolved administrations in attendance.

This was not an easy process. Buy celexa without prescription, Some ministers and civil servants at Westminster with whom I worked got the devolution point, others didn’t and some were even resistant to it. The whole process was too dependent upon the understanding and goodwill of individuals and a change in personnel, either minister or civil servant, celexa rx, could set it back. Although the Memorandum of Understanding, the Joint Ministerial Committee (“JMC”), and informal bilateral concordats between UK departments and the devolved administrations were in existence throughout both Liberal Democrat/Labour Coalitions they were regarded as mechanisms for dispute resolution notwithstanding their terms. Donald Dewar and Jim Wallace as First Minister and Depute First Minister and their successors encouraged ministers to deal directly with their opposite numbers and avoid resorting to formal dispute resolution mechanisms, Order celexa online,

When the SNP minority Government came to power in 2007 the JMC had not met since 2002. The SNP accused the Coalition of having failed to “stand up for Scotland.” The truth was that despite some very real difficulties the Coalition had sought to cooperate - not pick a fight.

The fact is, however, that the fundamental problems largely associated with ministers having jurisdiction over only English policy being invested with the authority as the UK minister remain. Almost all of these problems would be greatly simplified if not resolved if we had a proper federal settlement, buy celexa without prescription. The constitution would provide for a proper separation of responsibilities as between UK ministers and ministers of the nations and regions and a mechanism for agreeing the UK position for EU meetings.

Legislative powers and responsibilities

I believe the Scotland Act 1998 is a good piece of legislation. Founded on the principles and proposals that emanated from the Scottish Constitutional Convention, it established the Scottish Parliament with a reasonable range of legislative and administrative powers and set out the boundaries between reserved and devolved competences, celexa cheap drug. The competences have been extended particularly in terms of transport and, if the Scotland Bill is enacted then, as I understand it, the Parliament’s powers will be extended further to include: the administration of elections; control over air weapons; control over the misuse of drugs; the setting of drink driving limits and speed limits; rights over the appointment to the BBC trust and the appointment of the Scottish Crown Estates Commissioner; shared responsibilities over Insolvency; and the regulation of health professionals would become reserved.

Even with these further transfers of powers there are still areas where I believe the Scottish Parliament should be given competence including:

(a)  Medical Contracts where because of the considerable divergence in the method of delivery and incidence of private providers between Scotland and England it would make more sense for medical contracts to provide terms and conditions and levels of remuneration that reflected the outcomes and means of delivery expected in Scotland; and

(b)  Animal Health policy which is developed within Scotland but the funding is reserved which is anomalous whereas the control of exotic diseases whilst operated at a UK level on a partnership basis because the UK is a single epidemiological area and the funding needs to be reserved with access to the contingency fund in case of emergencies.

The Steel Commission called for (P67) a new constitutional category of Partnership Working. I think this a very neat solution for those areas where self-evidently there is a UK dimension but where nations and regions have a real interest the implementation of the policy. Some of the policy areas I consider as important candidates for Partnership Working include:

(a)  Transport Policy where the remaining transport powers call for coordination and should be a shared responsibility;

(b)  Energy Policy where Scotland needs to be able to promote renewable sources and must be able to share in the development of economic stimuli like carbon trading and the Renewables Obligations and influence the policy on grid strengthening and renewal;

Buy celexa without prescription, (c)  Marine Policy which is largely regulated by the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009  and the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010 but where there is a large measure of national interest in marine spatial planning, conservation and sea fisheries, a federal state interest in naval operations, merchant marine operations, offshore exploration, energy transmission and shared interests in marine conservation and protection;

(d)  Immigration which needs to be reserved but where account must be taken of differing economic and demographic needs of the nations and regions and where policies for dealing with asylum seekers must recognise the statutory framework operating within a nation or region;

(e)  Strategic  planning of welfare  services which needs to take account of the very different levels of need identified within the nations and regions of the UK;

(f)   Crown Estate where until its anomalous position exercising rights over the sea bed without democratic accountability is resolved the directions between UK ministers and National ministers need to be shared.

Steel and others have supported calls for a separate Scottish civil service. Where to buy celexa, If we are to retain the UK, as I believe we should and we are promoting federalism, then there will be a federal state government and we will continue to have UKRep. Both of these institutions need to be supported by civil servants drawn from throughout the UK and I can see no reason why each part of the civil service should not continue to benefit from individuals transferring within the UK to the joint benefit of all concerned.

Economic Powers

Both Steel and Calman concluded that one of the major weaknesses of the current Devolution settlement is the lack of financial responsibility and accountability. Steel’s solution was to propose fiscal federalism whilst Calman proposed a considerable increase in the financial powers of the Scottish Parliament which, as noted in my Introduction, the Coalition Government at Westminster greatly improved at the instigation of the Liberal Democrats and incorporated into the Scotland Bill.

If, purchase celexa no rx, like me, you see federal Home Rule as the constitutional solution in legislative and administrative terms, then the logical extension of that argument is to see fiscal federalism is the economic solution. That has certainly been my understanding of the Scottish Liberal position over many years. It may not have been called “fiscal federalism” but that is what the policy amounted to, In 1982,Scottish Self-Government spoke of: “The independent right of the states to raise their own revenues … … the federal government would continue to control monetary policy … … all taxes, with the exception of Customs and Excise and possibly VAT, should be raised in Scotland … … a Joint Exchequer Board would agree Scotland’s contribution to the UK …”  As the Party’s economics spokesperson in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s I vividly recall supporting these policy positions.

More recently, Jeremy Purvis became the first Scottish Liberal Democrat to set out cogently the case for fiscal federalism in his pamphlet of that name and which formed an influential submission to the Steel Commission of which he was a member, buy celexa without prescription. I fully support the Steel Commission’s conclusion (P89) “that fiscal federalism will provide the best mixture of economic stability, Celexa from india, financial and political accountability and scope for innovative action  … for the  economy”. Steel set out (P93-96) ”Principles of Fiscal Federalism for Scotland” with which I broadly agree and, more importantly, I think could be adapted to apply to the nations and regions of the UK in a broader federal settlement.

Equalisation and shared responsibilities in fiscal and monetary matters

Equalisation and intergovernmental transfers exist in all federal systems and so in establishing a system of fiscal federalism in the UK there would be a need for a Joint Exchequer Board (JEB) with two primary tasks: first to bring about an element of equalisation on the basis of need; and, second to ensure the effective coordination of the fiscal and monetary policies being pursued by the Federal Government and the respective Governments of the Nations and Regions.

In a system of fiscal federalism I can see no alternative to a new needs-base formula replacing the current Barnett Formula. The JEB would have the critical responsibility for ensuring a fair distribution throughout the UK taking account of indicators of need relating to, for example, cheapest generic celexa, income distribution, poverty, deprivation and the effect on the cost of essential service delivery of rurality and peripherality. In addition to the general responsibility for ensuring that the fiscal systems operate effectively with no overlap and that borrowing limits are strictly adhered to I think the JEB should assist in coordinating the operation of benefits such as housing benefit, tax credits and pension credits with the workings of council tax and income tax at a National level.

Tax base and tax rate

As the Steel Commission out it (P45) “The greatest fiscal autonomy for sub-central states comes from control over the tax base and the tax rate.”  Steel goes on (P96) to set out four principles that should guide any system. Buy celexa without prescription, I think clarity and simplicity will be best achieved if the division of taxes is clean cut, if the application of borrowing rules for both capital and revenue are clear and unambiguous and if the system for equalisation is based on a transparent needs-based formula. Celexa us, Similarly, I think a clean cut of taxes will greatly reduce the chances of tax exportation but as with the danger of tax migration I think the key restraining factor will be in the design of the borrowing powers.

There has been concern expressed at the prospect of a Scottish Government leading a charge to the lowest (say) corporation tax rate and provoking unseemly competition within the UK at the expense of the most vulnerable. Johann Lamont, Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, is amongst the most recent to express such concerns. If one is considering reducing a tax rate then, self-evidently, celexa no rx required, you cut expenditure, increase another tax or fudge the issue by bridging the gap through borrowing. I regard the choice between raising/lowering expenditure and raising/lowering taxation as a legitimate political choice. I regard abusing borrowing limits as imprudent and unacceptable financial management and I develop this further at Borrowing Powers below.

The final principle Steel highlighted was efficiency and I think this is best achieved by developing further the responsibilities of HMRC such that it becomes the servant not only of the UK Government but also the nations of the federal state.

The Calman Commission considered in some detail whether any taxes might be devolved (P90-102), buy celexa without prescription. It found against devolving any tax that give the Scottish Parliament any real economic powers, only considered relatively minor taxes as suitable for control by the Scottish Parliament and opted for a substantial increase in the amount of revenue from income tax to be raised directly by the Scottish Parliament. Celexa buy drug, I think the Nations and Regions of a Federal UK need to have the economic powers to set a fiscal framework that is appropriate to meet their needs whilst at the same time taking responsibility for raising the overwhelming proportion of the revenue required to meet their social needs. The Federal UK should be responsible for not only funding defence and national security but also providing the glue for the social cohesion of the Federal State by guaranteeing basic levels of pensions and social security and tackling poverty and deprivation

I believe, therefore, the Scottish Parliament (and other National Parliaments/Assemblies) should have the powers to raise as much as possible of its expenditure needs and should have responsibility for all taxes except those reserved to the Federal UK. The Scottish Parliament should have the power to alter the tax base and the tax rate for each devolved tax and should have the power to abolish any devolved tax or introduce a new tax subject to meeting objective criteria agreed with the JEB

At a Scottish/National level I would, therefore, give the Scottish Parliament control over:

(a)  Income and wealth  taxes: Income Tax, generic celexa, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, all other taxes on income and wealth;

(b)  Property taxes: Council Tax, Non-domestic Rates, Celexa malaysia, Stamp Duty, Land Tax;;

(c)  Environment taxes: Climate Change Levy, Aggregate Levy, Landfill Tax; and

(d)  Miscellaneous: Betting and Gaming Duties

In addition, I would provide for the Scottish Parliament to have automatically allocated to it:

(a)  The Geographic share of NS Oil revenues; and

(b)   Interest and dividends, Gross Operating Surplus (being mostly from Scottish Water), Rent and other current transfers and other taxes etc

This would leave as reserved or UK Federal taxes: National Insurance Contributions; VAT; Stamp Duty Reserve Tax; Alcohol, cheapest celexa prices, Tobacco, Fuel and Vehicle Excise Duties; Air Passenger Duty, and Insurance Premium Tax.

Borrowing Powers

Both Steel and Calman considered the very limited and short-term borrowing powers provided in S66 of the Scotland Act 1998 to be inadequate. Buy celexa without prescription, Calman proposed (P112) an additional power to borrow to increase capital investment in any one year with the limit to be determined in a similar fashion to the Prudential limit operated by local authorities. The Scotland Bill proposes an extension in the borrowing powers setting a limit for short-term revenue borrowing at £500 million and granting new powers to Scottish Ministers to borrow to fund capital expenditure with a limit of £2.2 billion. From debates on the Bill at Westminster it is clear that the limit of £2.2 billion is considered by the Coalition Government to represent an acceptable risk for the UK finances that does not crowd out other priorities in the next spending review period. Cheap celexa without prescription, It appears that the limit could be increased depending on economic circumstances with the approval of the UK Parliament.

The borrowing powers required by the Scottish Parliament would require to be amended from those set out in the Scotland Bill (S37) to reflect the change to the tax base and the removal of the current block grant. The powers would need to address three areas: short-term timing differences; the effects of an economic downturn; and funding capital expenditure. The powers would have to be capable of relating to UK macro-economic policy, be operated with the JEB in accordance to its terms of reference and the mechanism for deciding the total quantum of permitted borrowing under each heading has to be set out in terms that are clear and transparent.

Drawing up rules to manage short-term cash deficiencies that arise from timing differences between planned income and expenditure should not be difficult as they are currently provided for, buy celexa without prescription. The second category, funding policies that smooth the economic cycle maintaining public service provision during an economic downturn, might prove more difficult. These rules would have to draw a clear distinction between a loss of revenue arising from a reduction in the buoyancy of a particular tax as the result of an economic downturn and a loss of revenue arising from a decision to lower the rate of a particular tax. (This is the issue referred to at para 2 of the section Tax base and tax rate above), celexa vendors. The third category, financing capital projects, is again easier to define but the rules have to make clear how the limit is arrived at and how it fits into wider UK macro-economic policy. In drawing up borrowing rules the Steel Commission helpfully suggested P95 that “it would be necessary to develop “Golden Rules” governing the way in which the UK Government and the Scottish Government exercise their fiscal powers.”.

The problem with the current Golden Rules is that they are only a guideline for the operation of fiscal policy Buy celexa without prescription, . The Golden Rule in the UK states that: “over the economic cycle, the Government will borrow only to invest and not to fund current spending. Celexa for order, In other words on average over the duration of an economic cycle the government should only borrow to pay for investment that benefits future generations. Day-to-day spending that benefits today's taxpayers should be paid for with today's taxes, not with leveraged investment. Over the cycle, therefore, the current budget (net of investment) must balance or be brought into surplus.

I think that the core of the 'golden rule' framework which is that, as a general rule, buy cheapest celexa on line, policy should be designed to maintain a stable allocation of public sector resources over the course of the business cycle has a great deal to commend it. I believe the core provides the basis of binding borrowing rules particularly if one takes account of the fact that “stability” is defined in terms of the following three ratios: (i) public sector net worth to national income; (ii) public current expenditure to national income; and (iii) public sector income to national income.

The difficulty is that everyone is well aware of how these very sound principles, expressed in terms of the Golden Rules or the Euro Borrowing Rules, have been rather easily over-ridden, buy celexa without prescription. In the UK, the over-ride was effected by changing the length of the economic cycle and in the EU by redefining the assets that qualify as security. I still think the principle should form the basis of UK federal borrowing rules but they would have to drawn up in such a way that any breach constituted an illegal act by the respective Government/Parliament and meant it was acting Ultra Vires.


As I hope is clear from my submission, I have not deviated from my long-held belief that only federal Home Rule offers a stable constitutional settlement that satisfies the legitimate governance aspirations of the Nations and Regions of the UK for the 21st Century and beyond. Buy celexa online, I believe I have demonstrated that only federal Home Rule has the capacity to address both the constitutional and financial accountability shortcomings of the current Devolution settlement, the operational anomalies of the UK (predominantly English) Parliament at Westminster and the absence of a dedicated UK federal parliament that would facilitate fiscal federalism.

Your Commission has been asked, amongst other things, to build on the findings of the Steel Commission and I hope my submission will contribute to that process. As a matter of practical politics, however, your “Flyer” poses a number of questions including: how do we ensure home rule is a permanent solution, order celexa on internet. Buy celexa without prescription, how do we ensure it is not dependent upon wholesale changes across the UK. and what are the hurdles to governance of England?

I cannot see how we even begin to move towards a permanent solution unless and until there is at least some consensus as to the nature of the problem. It is depressing that Cameron, Clegg et al(with the singular exceptions of Michael Moore and Jim Wallace) think the answer is more powers to Scotland under Devolution if the Scots say “No” to Independence.  A Scottish Government proposing to bring forward an Independence referendum is a threat to the continuation of the UK and the UK Government ought to be treating it as such. If the threat is to the UK, as it manifestly is, Buy celexa, then the answer has to be framed to address that problem.

Because the de facto position is that the UK Government is the English Government and vice versa, I also cannot see how one can avoid engaging with the English to find a stable and long-term solution to the problem. Indeed, I think it is potentially dangerous to contemplate any further constitutional change unless it is at a UK level. As I have shown in this submission, positing a Scotland only solution proceeds on the wholly erroneous assumption that one can change the constitutional arrangements for Scotland without affecting the rest of the UK.

In my opinion, therefore, that aim has to be to establish the creation of a modern federal British State with Home Rule for all of its constituent parts as the long-term objective. A route map for the progressive untangling of the British equals English equals British conundrum has to be put in place. Any proposal to transfer further legislative or administrative powers to the Scottish Parliament should be framed on the basis that it ultimately would form part of a federal Home Rule Settlement that would apply equally to the other Nations and Regions of the UK. Likewise, any proposal for the transfer to the Scottish Parliament of financial powers in the form of fiscal federalism should be framed on the basis that this is the system that would ultimately apply throughout the UK.


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Buy Erythromycin Without Prescription

Published on March 19, 2012 by in Guest Posts, News blog


The British Government has announced plans to sell off England's (and only England's) road network to Chinese and other Sovereign Wealth Funds Buy erythromycin without prescription, . Note that these proposals only apply to England, erythromycin, Find no rx erythromycin, (just as with the ongoing sales of our Forests), but that the money is used to fund the whole of the United Kingdom, erythromycin prices. Buying erythromycin, England is being sold to help keep the monies flowing to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, erythromycin in australia. Erythromycin professional, David Cameron has already ensured that the Welsh are getting a better deal than "some other parts" of the United Kingdom - and please note that in keeping with the general contempt for England held by the British Government, England is not named and is merely dismissed as "some other parts", order erythromycin no prescription required. Buying generic erythromycin, And with the prospects of a Scottish Independence Referendum the British Government is also falling over itself to offer Scotland even more than they are already getting, again all at England's expense, buy erythromycin online cheap. Discount erythromycin, This is why the British refuse to allow England its own Parliament. To them, erythromycin buy, Cheap erythromycin in usa, England is merely a colony to be tax-farmed, which is why they don't want a representative English Parliament able to defend England from their depredations, canadian pharmacy erythromycin. Buy cheap erythromycin internet. Erythromycin cheap. Buy erythromycin from india. Erythromycin generic. Erythromycin online pharmacy. Low price erythromycin. Erythromycin online sale. Real erythromycin without prescription. Erythromycin purchase. Erythromycin online review. Buy discount erythromycin online. Erythromycin for sale. Erythromycin without a prescription. Order erythromycin in canada. Erythromycin internet. Buy cheap erythromycin online. Erythromycin discount. Order erythromycin. Best price for erythromycin. Cheap erythromycin from uk. Cheap erythromycin tablets. Purchase erythromycin. Buy erythromycin pills. Find cheap erythromycin online. Price of erythromycin. Erythromycin order. Buy cheap erythromycin.

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 England expects

By JOHNREDWOOD | Published:  Buy cymbalta without prescription, MARCH 18, 2012


I am regularly asked now for my opinion on Scottish independence. Cymbalta online sales, I was asked it again on Thursday at the EU conference I attended. My reply is that we should instead be discussing the question of England, cost cymbalta. Cymbalta cost, I pointed out that the polling which shows the UK as hostile to EU government in so many areas of our lives would doubtless show those feelings are str0nger in England alone. The EU draws more support from Scotland and Wales than it does from England, order cymbalta no rx.

Nationalists in those countries enjoy using the EU against England, buy cymbalta without prescription. Cymbalta bangkok, They see that the EU’s continued insouciance to England, refusing it any recognition, cheapest cymbalta online, Buy cymbalta in canada, is part of the process of weakening and undermining  the Westminster government they dislike. It all helps to  antagonise the England they wish to leave in a way which might help the change they want, cymbalta cheap price. Order cheap cymbalta online, One of the great ironies of the Scottish “independence” movement is it is not truly an independence movement at all. It is a dependence movement, order no rx cymbalta, Buying cymbalta online, wishing to shift Scotland to Brussels control directly. Buy cymbalta without prescription, It is an anti English movement more than it is an independence movement. In bizarre opposition to all the rest of his feelings, find cymbalta online, Cymbalta no online prescription, Mr Salmond even wants to keep Scotland in  the pound under the control of the Bank of England.

I explained to the audience that there are English Eurosceptics now who not only want out of the EU, certified cymbalta, Order cymbalta without prescription, but want an independent England. To them the ideal outcome would be England leaving the Union of the UK, buy cymbalta low price, Buy cymbalta on line, and leaving the EU at the same time. Scotland and the rest could keep the EU membership as a leaving present or a poison pill, cymbalta in us, Buy cymbalta canada, depending on how you look at it. England would then be free to spend her own taxes, make her own laws, and run her own affairs as she used to before the 1707 union and the 1972 union, buy cymbalta without prescription.

England’s representatives have accepted that Scottish withdrawal from the UK is a matter for Scotland and not for the rest of us, buy cymbalta online australia. Low cost cymbalta, I am happy with that, but only on the understanding that should Scotland decide to stay there must be a new deal for England, cymbalta without prescription. Cymbalta medicine, If Scotland seeks devo max, and the UK government is prepared to offer it as the price of keeping Scotland in, where to order cymbalta, Cheap cymbalta pharmacy, we must insist on devo max for England as well.

As an English MP I want my country to be self governing, cymbalta medication, Cheap cymbalta in uk, if Scotland splits away. Buy cymbalta without prescription, I want the UK  to have a referendum on its relationship with the EU. If the UK splits, canada cymbalta, Cymbalta in uk, I would hope both Scotland and  the rest would have to renegotiate with the EU. That would  give England  our opportunity to say we want trade and friendship agreements, cymbalta pills, Cymbalta no prescription, not membership of the emerging supertstate. We could put behidn us many of the chains that currently ensnare us from Brussels, find cymbalta no prescription required. No rx cymbalta, English taxpayers may want save payments  to the EU as well as to Scotland.

If, as I expect, Scotland recoils from leaving the UK England must insist on her own devo max, buy cymbalta without prescription. We also need to insist on a new relationship with the EU, free cymbalta. Cheap cymbalta, The EU fits ill with English nationalism, which is the new force in UK politics which the SNP are deliberately fostering, cheap cymbalta no prescription. Cheap cymbalta from canada, Defenders of the EU are now defenders of the UK, which is causing new problems for the defence of the UK union in England, cymbalta non prescription. Cymbalta prescription, Defenders of the EU see that the splitting of the UK will cause a crisis or natural change in our relationship with the EU that they do not want.


, cymbalta side effects.

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Buy Ultracet Without Prescription

Published on March 17, 2012 by in Guest Posts, Media, News blog


Tribunal makes NHS pay for Unison bullying

Buy ultracet without prescription, Published on March 12, 2012 by  in News Feed

The Bury St Edmunds Employment Tribunal has unanimously found that on 4  counts, the North Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust had deliberately failed to protect an official of the Workers of England Union against the defamation, bullying and harassment by Unison Trade Unionrepresentatives. Cheap ultracet online, TheTrust was found liable for 4 counts of Dereliction of Duty set against a background of disturbing dimensions and of lamentably ineffective conduct by NHS Management done in order not to offend  Unison.”.

Two Unison representatives employed by the Trust had encouraged others to shun any association with the Workers of England Union with a disturbing degree of spitefulness, cheap ultracet on internet. Overnight ultracet, A Unison representative had called Mr Bone who is  a community nurse Adolf Hitler, a creeping crypto fascist amongst  other offensive names because he belonged to a Trade Union that had the name England in its title as part of a campaign to prevent competition from a vital trade union, generic ultracet online. Ultracet in bangkok, In order to silence an effective Trade Union voice that was highlighting genuine contractual and clinical concerns identified by its members working in the North Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, the Trust gave a striking example in failing to protect an employee from Unisons’ harassment, ultracet overnight shipping.

Carleton Maflin, General Secretary of the Workers of England Union said:-

Unison, as a Trade Union should be protecting employees in the NHS from bullying and harassment yet due its representatives dislike of England and being pitched against an effective Trade Union they have now become associated with Bullying, harassment, spitefulness and defamation over a sustained period of time, buy ultracet without prescription. Order ultracet cheap online, NHS cuts are predominately being implemented in England due to the current unfair allocation of subsidies within the UK that sees £49 billion p.a. of English tax money go to Scotland, compare ultracet prices online, Order cheap ultracet, Wales and Northern Ireland . The health benefits of those countries are well funded whilst England suffers, lowest price for ultracet. Ultracet tablet, Unison had, and has, buy discount ultracet, Ultracet drug, a clear choice: do they acknowledge the uniqueness of English concerns?  Or do they continue to allow their representatives to organise campaigns of hatred that ostracise and intimidate of others who dare to mention Englands needs.

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Buy Zovirax Without Prescription

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I read this statement of your on your website:

‘Regional government in England Buy zovirax without prescription,  never really took off, following the failure of Labour’s referendum on North-East devolution. Order generic zovirax, But it is very much alive and well in ScotlandWales and London, zovirax from canada. Cheap price zovirax, It’s about time the North had its fair share of devolution too. The ‘Hannah Mitchell Foundation’ is about developing a debate on what sort of regionalism is right for the North, find zovirax on internet, Drug zovirax online purchase, ensuring accountability and democracy.’


Your statement puts over a very wrong reading of the meaning of devolution as devolution pertains to Scotland and Wales. Your use of the word/idea gravely twists its meaning.


Scotland and Wales got devolution in the terms of the 1998 devolution legislation, order discount zovirax. They did not get devolution from anywhere else, buy zovirax without prescription. Buy zovirax from us, If you read that legislation, you will see at once, buy zovirax cheap, Buy zovirax in us, and throughout, that they got devolution as nations.

You speak of it as ‘regional devolution’, zovirax pharmacy online. Zovirax approved, Such a term, and such a concept, cheap generic zovirax, Find discount zovirax online, is not used in the legislation. Nowhere in the legislation are they spoken of as ‘regions’, order zovirax overnight delivery. Zovirax cheapest price, Such a word perverts their awareness of themelves. it is a very typical ‘colonial’ word like when the IPPR in its publications on the matter speak of Scotland and Wales as ‘devolved administrative areas’.


Buy zovirax without prescription, Scotland and Wales have devolution as nations, as the preface to the legislation says, as distinct historic nations. The application of ‘regions’ to Scotland and Wales is typical Unionist and Westmsinster speak, zovirax alternative. Best price zovirax, I must ask you to read the Acts themselves. They are clear as crystal, purchase zovirax overnight delivery, Buy zovirax overnight delivery, that it is Scotland qua Scotland, as a distinct nation, buy zovirax once daily, Discount zovirax without prescription, and Wales as Wales, as a distinct nation, cheap zovirax overnight delivery, Compare zovirax prices, that they achieved devolution, which in their case meant nothing less than self-rule, buy zovirax us, Order no rx zovirax, though in varying degress, which is now increasing, buying zovirax. Order zovirax, You ought to be aware that the Scottish Constitutional Convention in effect wrote the 1998 legislation; and its members emphatically did not see their country as a mere ‘region’ but as a proud distinct nation.


It is clear you have not understood and appreciated this most fundamental aspect of devolution as in the case of Scotland and Wales.


For that reason London cannot be put into the same bracket; and it is because you have failed to understand this very important fact that you have bracketed them with London.


London did not get devolution. What it experienced or was given was just another round of English local authority reorganisation, buy zovirax without prescription. And that in a strangely individual manner, zovirax in us. Cheap zovirax in canada, The Blairite government changed English local govenment in the case of London in that it transfered the powers of a a local authority into the hands of one person, a mayor; and his (.his’ so far) are very very far removed and very much than not just from those won by the Scottish Parliament but even by the Welsh Assembly, zovirax in uk. Zovirax medicine, I refer to the provision of health and education to name but two. They remain totally with the UK Parliament and Goverment, order zovirax in us. Buy zovirax without prescription, Furthermore, the type of government thatLondon now has is totally at the disposal of that parliament and government. Zovirax no rx required, It can be abolished tomorrow. Which of course cannot be said of the Scottish parliament and the Welsh assembly, buy cheap zovirax internet. Buy zovirax cheap, It would take a referendum of the Scots and the Welsh to remove their parliament/assembly.


Scotland and Wales are not ‘regions’ (the precise meaning of which is completely unclear), they are distinct nations, zovirax online without a prescription. Zovirax cheapest price, If you doubt it, just take the trouble to ask them, buy zovirax low price. The 1998 Devolution Act applied to them as nations, as is stated in the Act, buy zovirax without prescription. Zovirax buy drug, Their parliament/assembly cannot be abolished without consent of both nations. London is not a nation, zovirax buy, it is a local authority, and it can be modified and its boundaries changed purely by dictat of the Union govenment, as can the powers of its Mayor.


I am very aware that you are identifying the London situation with that of Scotland and Wales very deliberately, namely to promote both the division of England into regions and to terminate the age-old understanding of England as one nation. (It is, incidentally the oldest unified nation state in Europe and far beyond). You are fully entitled to that frame of mind. But democracy does not validate or justify misinformation and its dissemination.


Michael Knowles.

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